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Creative Summary

Get a full performance report for all your creative types: images, videos, and copy. The report will present you the top and least performing ones based on the metric you choose.

Creative Summary Report
Ad Creative - Actionable Insights & Suggestions

Actionable Insights & Suggestions

Each report includes actionable insights based on data. You will see exactly which elements of your creatives help or hurt the performance of your ads. In addition, you will receive suggestions on creative optimisation.

Directly in Your Mailbox

No matter which plan you choose, your reports are sent directly to your mailbox for your convenience. To simplify your communication, we can also send the report to multiple teammates.

Directly in Your Mailbox - ad performance
ad creative Fatigue Alerts: Ads & Audiences

Fatigue Alerts: Ads & Audiences

Ad fatigue recognition is a daunting task for all advertisers but you can have a competitive advantage with our reports that include fatigue alerts. These will present to you exactly which ad is no longer performing, why and our suggestions on what you could do to improve it.

Multiple Metrics

Choose to analyse your ad creative performance by metrics most important to you. Whether it’s CTR or purchases, engagement or link clicks - just select your preference and we will do the rest!

Multiple Metrics
Links to examples & visualisation

Links to examples & visualisation

Not sure what an insight refers to? Go straight to dashboard and view the referring ads. Somethings, having a visual example simply does the job! :)

Your superpower is creativity, ours is to help you see it made creative performance accessible to us and helped us provide better briefs for future campaigns.

Pudding ai customer

Kligerman Idan

Digital Director came with automatic tags that bring us a much deeper actionable insight into our creative and what messages and creatives our audience interacts with better.

Pudding ai customer

Morgana Brites

Paid Media Specialist

What we love the most is the comparison and the insights of what made the creative stand out from the rest. With that, we seek to create new pieces with the elements present in the pieces that performed better.

Pudding ai customer

Gianlucca Magaldi

Media Supervisor optimized the visual creative path of the customer journey while providing SkiDeal sales team a better picture of each customer dream ski vacation

Pudding ai customer

Adam Karni


Pudding's innovative solution is like magic. Users retain more, and the site owners make more money!

Pudding ai customer

Guy Katsovich


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